They all were dragging me down ,
My fears , anxieties , worries were sitting on my head like a crown .

I think, I don’t fit in this world
Because all my insecurities are unfurled.

Deep down I knew I was not her ,
Pretended smile, fake laugh and having emotional stir.

I was waiting for the rainbow, after the heavy rain,
Yes, I was ready to smile after all that pain,
Now even if I m emotionally drain,
I no longer want to be in that leashed chain.

I will chase my strengths not my fears,
I m not that girl, with all the tears,
I will not fake pretend after all these years,
It’s beginning to a new life, so hold my beer,

Let me say cheers !!


It is hard to be a girl!

You know, how hard it is to be a girl

To find a dress so that she can make it twirl
To find that perfect piece of pearl
To juggle between straight hair or curl
Oh boy, it is hard to be a girl.

To maintain that perfectly long nails
To go to mall when her favorite store has sales
to handle when her dress trails
And specially control the laugh when someone’s fashion fails.

She has to decide to smile or to pout
To open her hair or not, she always has her doubt
How to say no when someone ask her out
And remember that her makeup is on so, not to shout.

When to wear high heels when to go for shoes
And then the comes color, blood reds or princess blues
Why can’t she have everything, well, she hates to choose

Nothing makes her happy if her dress is the news.


You said you were the first one to hold me,
You cried when you saw me.

People were consoling you because I was the second girl child,
You said she is beautifully mine and then you smiled.

This poem is not about how you raised two daughters,
Cause Gardner never discriminates when he waters .

Its about you papa, how you raised us,
With all the problems, which in front of us you never discuss.

You love taking us places,
Seeing different states and new faces.

How you love clicking photos in different poses,
Papa, when you laugh you look beautiful more than all the roses.

How only after studying, watching shaktiman was allowed ,
How you scold us when we all are loud,
Holding our hands in the crowd,

We all love you papa, and will do anything to make you proud.

Not Mine?!

The time when you feel sad

You are in his arms, you used to find comfort in mine…
He may be your happiness now, but I was your cloud nine…
It wasn’t too far ago when we talked all nightlong,
Remember, I was the one you called whenever something went wrong…
Our friendship’s changed , now that you two happily get along,
I thought I could handle it, but It turns out I’m not that strong…

Life was colorful with you, now it is completely white,
Maybe one day you’ll realize why I used to be so quite…

The changing phase

You left me ,knowing loneliness was my biggest fright,
Now it’s become my strength, and that’s how I fight…

But as I write these lines, staring into the moonlight,
Whatever was wrong with me, it’s now all right…

I was hurt at that time, despite I hope your future is bright,
Coz I’ll surely find my girl to cherish every day and night…
Even if I could control the past, I’ll not rewrite,
Any part or story where you and I unite…

I was Stupid
I used to believe things like two bodies one soul,
Everyday I dreamt with you a new couple goal…

I was serious, for you it was just a troll,
And my heart was left with a big empty hole…

No one was there for me, no call to console,
As everyday I suffered, my mind became a hellhole…
For long,I was trapped in my past,got out on parole,
I’ve picked up my pieces now, look bitch I’m back to whole…

-written by

A close friend

I knew!

I looked into your eyes I saw her,
I knew your love for me was little blur.
I was a sunflower, to you she was rose,
I was near but, to you she was close.

I was a small sip of beer, she was a glass of wine,
I realised it later, when I was in tear, and you were fine.

I was trying hard to write a poem, and she was already singing,
I tried to put more efforts,but now I hear no bell ringing .

The day you stopped kissing me goodnight,
I knew something about that day was not right.
Is it only me who feels this is strange
Or you actually started to change.

I knew,
I was the only one who was holding it tight,
And then I decided to cut you loose that scary night.