So you said!

So you were saying that you don’t want to talk
And I still remember in start when we were chatting you were the first one to knock

I m sorry if I said too much, I didn’t mean to
I was full of emotions and those words came out of the blue

So you said that you are a bad person
I was not mad at you, but the situation how that got so worsen

So you said when I asked you , nothing
And that single word told me everything

I m sorry if I m writing about you over a sonnet
But you know that’s how I protect my self like a bonnet

So you said stay away from me
I m sorry for sticking up to you like a bee

So you said, you do not matter
Oh it’s okay, even if these words are for me to scatter

I m sorry if I m too much
I m just a girl with an emotional touch

So you said erase all the memories
You know I need a proof while telling stories

So you said , this and that, and I don’t believe it

It’s just how you want to hurt me cause baby that was lit!


Where we!

You are the words that I want to arrange together we can be a poem strange

Where i and you we both will rhyme
Where you smile I blush and we grow old with time

Where you will be the word and I will be the complete line
And here the word “us” will be entirely mine

Where I will be magician and you will be the magic
and our sonnet will be no tragic

People will sing us like a classic song
Where lyrics will be perfect, pure and strong

Where we will hold hands like two rhyming words

And in the sky our love will fly like those Bonnie birds.


You are near me

Yet so far

Creating all the memories

Setting high bar

We talked for hours

With all the blossom flowers

Never knew we could drift

Now it’s like a movie script

I wish I could write more

But my heart is now sore

Your memories are fading

Happiness and sadness are trading

I no more remember your touch

For you, nothing is left as such

I wish we would have never met

Sun that day should never have set

Wanted to be happy

Didn’t know how

But I’m stronger than ever now

I’ll come to this, I never knew

But for the experience, I’ll just say thank you!

For the journey that started with a simple hi!

This is from my side is the final good bye!!


Why were you crying last night
what you thought was not right
You know, your life is worth a fight.
And to others, it’s a light

You said you wanted to die
Is it really that bad,
or you are just telling yourself a lie.

If you can’t find a purpose I will give you one
Don’t you ever say that you are done
Chase your life, please don’t run
You will know, how you will miss out all the fun

If you can’t find the path, then be others guide
Be so happy, that you don’t remember when you last cried
Don’t worry, your friends will always be by your side
Now stretch your lips and smile, it should be real big and wide.

Smile people while you truly can !

A letter!!

To dear someone you should know you are not alone I’m there too,


Don’t worry things will come to you, have patience I know you are running out of it, and there I will say me too, but all we can do is wait. I know it has been hard and it will be hard to see your self-going through all the emotions you never thought you will go through, we are all part of something that has broken our heart, something that has ripped us apart and has made us create a new self for other people to protect our true self from getting hurt again, I know that.

Every time you let your heart get out, you let your soul connect with people you fear you might hold on tight this time but other person will lose the connection. Every time to rise up strong that but then the thread of memory inside your mind you still hold on to the thoughts that made you cry, the moment you were not so strong. Believe me, I’m still standing there, trying to melt that thread, trying to rise up again this time not to fall.

You know, you cry when they are there, you cry when they leave, then you question yourself that they should have stayed or I did the right thing by letting them go?!, you care too much. Believe me, I’m there waiting for all the answer I went wrong, and things I did right. Cause when things doesn’t happen accordingly we all hope for the little light where we were right so to move towards that hope.

Yours truly

A companion


20 years from now, sitting with my daughter looking at the photographs of the places I visited during my childhood.
“Mumma, is this heaven?” Asked my daughter. I am sure I m going to cry and say,”this was the heaven that once exist.”
Prophecy are being made that earth is not going to last long. I used to not believe in prophecies but I think I should now. We are killing it eveyday every step we are taking is against it. I remember how I used to dance in rain, how I used to make paper boats and float them into small ponds on the road. I m afraid that my children will not be able to enjoy those small pleasures of childhood.

I once told a gentleman once “you know you are polluting environment, this will make life difficult for your future generation”.He said,” I have money and I will earn more money, I will build castles to keep them safe”. I told him,”I am sure you can build anything you want with your money, but what if they ask you to see the beauty of nature you saw in your childhood, sir I am sorry to say you cannot built that”.
Why we want someone else to tell us that we are doing wrong why cannot we understand this on our own. We always wait for the second chance, but I am sorry this time we are not going to get one.

Please take one step towards green!


They all were dragging me down ,
My fears , anxieties , worries were sitting on my head like a crown .

I think, I don’t fit in this world
Because all my insecurities are unfurled.

Deep down I knew I was not her ,
Pretended smile, fake laugh and having emotional stir.

I was waiting for the rainbow, after the heavy rain,
Yes, I was ready to smile after all that pain,
Now even if I m emotionally drain,
I no longer want to be in that leashed chain.

I will chase my strengths not my fears,
I m not that girl, with all the tears,
I will not fake pretend after all these years,
It’s beginning to a new life, so hold my beer,

Let me say cheers !!