For the girl they know!

I m gonna take my trouble away
Beacuse I know they know
But don’t wanna stay
I m gonna smile, crack lame jokes
I m gonna laugh until it chokes
Someone who has hit it’s highest low
And, I’m gonna hide my tears
for the funny girl they know.

I m gonna draw a line, Of my mistakes
No, I won’t tell anyone ,Even if it breakes
I m gonna speak, and talk nonsense
But I won’t tell anyone, I m tense
Some emotions I m not going to show
Still I m gonna sing
For the crazy girl they know.

They wanna know what happened
That they can’t and never imagined
They stop me
They ask me
How to tell them,
I m in pain
What’s happening inside my body, inside my brain
How they left me when it rained
Where it strained, and stained
How my friends were foe
Now, I m gonna cry
For the girl they don’t know.


It’s not a love song!

First of all
it’s not a love song
If you think it is , you are wrong.

I m having conversations with you in my head
I m repling now , to something 2- 3 weeks back you said
I m asking myself questions that I know you will never ask
Even Flirting with you , for me it’s a task

I took a gaze at you,
You too were looking at me, I knew
Our eyes met to a certain angle and moved quickly.
Well, I m shy , and you are too , clearly.

I can tell, you like me
If , I m wrong please don’t let me
Cause for the first time, I want this to be unknown to us
Let’s not , and no body makes this a fuss

I like this moving slowly
Honestly I don’t know if it is moving
I have rushed things before and I don’t want to now
I just hope we are on same page somehow

And, it’s not a love song
Or may be it is , I may be wrong.

So did I!

There I was, Standing .
Trying to understand
what happened? Smiling
thinking about how I loved you
thousands of time.

How I fell in love,
With your simle and how I cried
when it was happening to me.
I swear to god I had a fever that day
This is something I never say.

And in blink of eye
where my tear drops
were finding ways to fall.
I held them
I knew they will fall
and that I was not ready for
I m still not ready, to let them .

They left, so did I.
Saying goodbye to everything I found there. Except for you,
That I day I wore the shawl you gave me,
in hope that it will get stuck somewhere with the hook, and so will I, with you.

But there was no hook(you).

Just a letter!

Dear George stinney,

I didn’t know about you until my brother told me about your case or I should say execution.

I don’t know why but I want to say sorry. Sorry, that you had to go through this. I know my sorry doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t do anything. But this is something i have to say and do, i was not able to stop my self but to write you a letter.

You were 14, my hands are shaking while I m writing this, They took only 10 minutes to come to the conclusion that you murderd those girls. They declared you guilty within 10 minutes!.

They decided in just 10 minutes that you were worthy of that inhuman chair, and this breaks my heart into million pieces.
*10 minutes*

I saw your picture, and i cried, i saw that bible in your pure hands while you were going to that execution room.

They used your bible that holy book to uplift you to make you fit in that chair. This proves that even god was under your feet because of that judgement.

The mask that you had was not for your pristine face, your teary eyes didn’t even once shaked the heart of executioner, i wonder how?.

I m sorry that no one stood for you, i m sorry.

But, you will always be a life long regret to humanity and more.

I don’t know what.

Live life extra mile!

I remember that night, you struggled to sleep
I was looking for you in talks that were deep
That smile for you , was hard to keep
All you were waiting for that gaint leap

Those tears that followed the pain
Those fresh days and you still looked drain
I remember that night in train
Where you cried , again and again.

I wish i could hold your hand
Look for you, by your side I stand
To tell you, nothing goes as you planned
We fight and fight, till we are on this land.

I saw your tears now i want to see you smile
Address your fears and walk down that aisle
Fight and rest for a while
Come back again, this time with extra style.


I was not ready to start all over again
I knew these things makes me insane
But then i smiled with you over a joke which was lame
And i was ready to add my name to another surname

And This i did all over again
I knew these things makes me insane

I was not ready to share my pain
But it was different with you as i pictured in my brain
With you it was not at all a strain
Infact i laughed
And this i did without emotional drain

And this i did all over again
Even when i knew these things makes me insane.

Yes i fell in love again
This time i pictured it in spain
Slow dancing in the rain
Romancing on a train

Yes i did this all over again
Because these things makes me insane


The days were cold
The night was thinner
I remember that street
Where I hold the hands of that sinner

I was not bold
A little in fear
Didn’t I mentioned the night was cold
And he was near

My soul was sold
Oh, to the demon
I should have told
That he was playing with it like a Freeman

My life was now his to hold
I have listened to the stories that has been told
The world has no end
But standing there I knew it was wrong
When he flashed and my life took that fold

I was numb, nothing i could feel
And then finally i made that deal
Yes, He left me for a while
But, I know he will come back after walking some mile.

I saw a dream!!

I had a crazy dream last night
In that I was having a fight
With the shadow self on my right
I had no one to tell
No one was in my sight

I was fighting but was still crying
I was leaving but was still trying

It was me on the battlefield
Alone I was trying to get healed
Yet another arrow came and broke my shield

I saw people laughing at me
They were saying
We hope you can now see

In hope that someone will come
Who will help me with some

One person came,
He faught with me for some time
I was happy and the swords were dancing in rhyme
But suddenly he escaped like he committed some crime

Again I m alone in that battlefield
This time without a shield

Waiting for the arrow to come
Some hit the ground
On my body, some I found

I saw a crazy dream last night
Still in hope, someone to hold me tight

The day!

This is poem I wrote which is close to my heart. That I wrote for girls who go out and live in the fear of getting touched inappropriately or being raped.

This is my way of expressing my fear on behalf of every girl living in fear of getting raped by the person or society.

So here it goes..

They care what you wear
Not what you fear

The day I come home late
If it is half past eight

My heartbeat rise (rises)
The fear inside me cries

Every part of me pray
Oh god , not this day

Cause I know it will happen
The day my body will be raped
Then the soul will die
The day I will stop my fly
All I will have , will be weeping eye

The day people will ask what you were wearing?!
How they were staring
The way they were tearing
Were you fearing?

The day everyone will have a eye on me
And I will hide my tears so that no one can see

Everyone will ask me to pick up my pieces
What about my life that has now creases ?!

The day my confidence will be crushed
All my dreams will be flushed

My wings will be torn
And they’ll say it was because of what you worn

The day will come
It will shake some

But, still I pray
Oh god! Not this day!!

So you said!

So you were saying that you don’t want to talk
And I still remember in start when we were chatting you were the first one to knock

I m sorry if I said too much, I didn’t mean to
I was full of emotions and those words came out of the blue

So you said that you are a bad person
I was not mad at you, but the situation how that got so worsen

So you said when I asked you , nothing
And that single word told me everything

I m sorry if I m writing about you over a sonnet
But you know that’s how I protect my self like a bonnet

So you said stay away from me
I m sorry for sticking up to you like a bee

So you said, you do not matter
Oh it’s okay, even if these words are for me to scatter

I m sorry if I m too much
I m just a girl with an emotional touch

So you said erase all the memories
You know I need a proof while telling stories

So you said , this and that, and I don’t believe it

It’s just how you want to hurt me cause baby that was lit!