Is there anything to be nostalgic about weather, how the last time you felt when it rained? Were you happy or sad? Does the wet grass makes you remember how got up when the last time you sat on it. You just get this feeling that, something memorable happened, and it was happy, you were happy. It was more than a smell of wet soil you remember from the last time. You dig deep into your memory to find that forgotten piece, because you know you might find something alluring in that. It is sad how we try to relive good memories the feeling that came with those memories, just to forget how unhappy we are right now at this moment.

I remember, I was happy, my heart was full. I remember how silly I was, walking on the wet roads with my friends, exchanging looks with young strangers, smiling, laughing. Nights and silly talks, scared spirit calling, waiting at stairs just to get one look from your special someone. There was no more to that, I was this simple, looking forward to a happy life person. Who knew within 3 weeks, I was going to experience something that will change me forever. That it will be a start for me to discover who I really am. And what is a change if it doesn’t destroy you completely. It made me, want to forget those good memories that I witnessed, along with the pain. It worked I guess for a while, I was in a denial, but it worked. The last rain I danced in.

It is strange how weather changes and it changes you along with it. And someday out of the blue you try to remember how you were the last time it rained. And then you are nostalgic for weather.

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