Is she alright?
Or she still has a battle to fight
The places she wanders at night
Found her peace or she might?

The girl lost all or she actually won
Is she pretending or she is finally done
Friends she has? Haha none
How is she? Ask no one.

She is on her own, she knew
People she relied on were really few
Now they are gone, so will you
She is hurt, well that’s not new

The walks of life, one for she writes
How shallow people are afraid of heights
Unconditional love, turned into fights
She watched them going out of all sights

The gazing eye burned
She remembered the smile now she is spurned
People are not permanent her lesson she learned
Lost soul but few connecting string she has earned
She still asks why? Those faces turned

She is going to be alright
Cause she has those stary nights
The moon she loves and his lights
She will face those battles and win those fights

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