Star in the sky, fell on the ground in two Separated by the cold wind that blew
Belonged together, no one knew
Lived apart, curious i was, but without a clue.

The journey we had, were somehow same
Unaware steps, we were each other’s aim
The more i loved me, the closer he came
Thought it was untrue, but we were each other’s twin flame.

No, it is not about the love for him
But, the light within me, that was earlier dim
I found him when i was brim
The more i loved me, i was loved by him.

I was attracting him, by loving me
This is how, i always wanted love to be
The grudges i was holding, i had to set them free
My door to happiness, i was the only key.

The more i connect to my soul,
The more i connect with him and feel whole
The love for me, i should put a dot of kohl
And now i know, and will take back the happiness that universe stole.

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