Loosing everything for that one thing
Every other relationship for that one fling
Ignored calls for that one ring
Happiness now, that you have let it swing

Was it worth it?!

Are you okay now? With all the beliefs you had about that one piece of heart. Are you happy with the heart wrenching pain, where every part of your body hurts? Everything that you did, each line that you crossed, Are you happy?

The song that you listened when you were happy, do you listen to it now? The tune that made you smile, why is it now making you cry? The joke that made you laugh is it funny now?
Why your eyes are hurting, the twinkle that you had in them where is it now? The tears that you are not able to stop.
Tell me was it worth it?
The promises that you broke, with everyone else. That one promise, with your self, will you ever be able to forgive yourself, breaking what was written on your heart, your body and on your soul.
Was it worth breaking that promise?
Tell me are okay with the fact that you will never be same again, you will never be as beautiful as full of love as you were. Tell me are okay with not giving the love you had for someone who deserves it.
How can you put yourself through this again, how can you butcher your heart like this. Will you ever be able to pick up all the pieces that are scattered all over the place. Are okay with the fact that those pieces will never be whole.
Tell me was it necessary? To go through that all over again, for that little span of happiness and now for months of indescribable pain.
Tell me, was it seriously worth it?

Will you ever realise the love that you give away, is the love you should have saved for yourself. The care that you show people, the life you picture for them, the wishes that you ask from god, all of that was suppose to be for you. Why do you let that go, why don’t you keep that for you. The purpose you think for you to be in this world is to give love, then why don’t you keep that for you first.

Love is the song you play

But don’t let the purpose got away!

Yours truly,


Note: Put yourself first

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