Slow breeze in the night and cold
Some things she said out of fear that was bold
He held her hand, in the dark, she was sold
Smiled at her, scared she was, but atleast someone to hold

He took her, under the stars
Saved her, from her inside wars
He walked with her through several doors
Told her ” the world could be really yours”

He said “men’s are fighting for you on this earth”
Unaware she was, for what she is worth
Holding her life back, maintaing her girth
Accepted to live with a bad fate, since her birth

No one knew her stories, but here he was
Hinding her tears, with fun wit and applause

Standing across the wall, he watched her cry
Saw her every night, no he was not a spy
Something in her, knew no one, but caught his eye
Someone so beautiful, in so much pain, why?

He finally took her one fine day
Grabed her hand, making a way
She was leaving next day, he told her to stay
“Would like you to show the world if you may”
Her fate was playing a little game itself that day.

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