The breeze the stars the moon and the cold sky
Witnesses of her thoughts, slowly building and watching them die
The struggle in her mind, trembling her hands, beating her heart, the wandering soul
For what she was waiting and feeling un-whole

The slow wind and the sharp warm rays
rise of sun in cold old days
Left alone in dense strange woods, the night was hard with no full moon
Path she tried, listening the gentle unheard tune
Watched each steps, as walk past the sandy dune

leisurely walking through the unknown
Wrapped around emotions, how she is grown
Cracking her voice to be heard in boisterous heaven
The dejected face, the tierd feet, she walked with the luck un-seven

The fading marks of her existing scars
The thorns that cut deep under the stars
Living in memory of one’s rusty past
Wondering till when her walk is going to last.

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