The one with whom she talked for hours
The one who’s love showers
His glance was rythym for her heart
Especially when he looked at her at the start

Everything was great, until it wasn’t one day
Things she had, he took that away
Everyone asked, but she won’t say
The crime he did, and now she has to pay

She weeped her tears, with grace again
Stood up, she, never to face pain
Alone she stands, like a bird in rain
Along her stands another man,
little did they knew it was a start of their reign

They fell in love, like sun and shadow
Love grew, like plant under tree by the medow
But, what if it was great but shallow
Her heart starts to panic, as if she took another arrow

She started to juggle things,
Checking everything is attached, well this time to the strings
That’s how miserable her life has been
She is afraid for another spin

This is what she is

And she worries if she forever she stays, his

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