So you were saying that you don’t want to talk
And I still remember in start when we were chatting you were the first one to knock

I m sorry if I said too much, I didn’t mean to
I was full of emotions and those words came out of the blue

So you said that you are a bad person
I was not mad at you, but the situation how that got so worsen

So you said when I asked you , nothing
And that single word told me everything

I m sorry if I m writing about you over a sonnet
But you know that’s how I protect my self like a bonnet

So you said stay away from me
I m sorry for sticking up to you like a bee

So you said, you do not matter
Oh it’s okay, even if these words are for me to scatter

I m sorry if I m too much
I m just a girl with an emotional touch

So you said erase all the memories
You know I need a proof while telling stories

So you said , this and that, and I don’t believe it

It’s just how you want to hurt me cause baby that was lit!

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