To dear someone you should know you are not alone I’m there too,


Don’t worry things will come to you, have patience I know you are running out of it, and there I will say me too, but all we can do is wait. I know it has been hard and it will be hard to see your self-going through all the emotions you never thought you will go through, we are all part of something that has broken our heart, something that has ripped us apart and has made us create a new self for other people to protect our true self from getting hurt again, I know that.

Every time you let your heart get out, you let your soul connect with people you fear you might hold on tight this time but other person will lose the connection. Every time to rise up strong that but then the thread of memory inside your mind you still hold on to the thoughts that made you cry, the moment you were not so strong. Believe me, I’m still standing there, trying to melt that thread, trying to rise up again this time not to fall.

You know, you cry when they are there, you cry when they leave, then you question yourself that they should have stayed or I did the right thing by letting them go?!, you care too much. Believe me, I’m there waiting for all the answer I went wrong, and things I did right. Cause when things doesn’t happen accordingly we all hope for the little light where we were right so to move towards that hope.

Yours truly

A companion

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